BRINC’Aveiro – street play


2022 — Present

Aveiro Municipality
DFA Team
Sandra Cruz
Hélder Antunes
Gonçalo Fernandes

BRINC’Aveiro - street play

This initiative, integrated in the Aveiro Municipality’s Participatory Budget (OPAD 2021), aims to create new dynamics for inter-generational socialising in different areas of the city, bringing Aveiro’s streets to life by intervening and adapting spaces and encouraging everyone to enjoy them as a place to socialise and play. Design Factory Aveiro, as a partner in the project, is developing and producing a system of street furniture to install in the selected streets and encourage socialising and safe street play.

Through the organisation of several co-creation sessions entitled “Let’s play in the street?”, adults and children worked together on some of the concepts and equipment developed, in a brainstorming and prototyping dynamic to reflect on identifying improvements, ways of using and “mistakes” in the street furniture proposals, in a dynamic exploration, testing and prototyping session promoted by DFA.

This is an ongoing project, and the video summaries of the co-creation sessions that have already taken place can be seen here:

1st Co-Creation Session:

2nd Co-Creation Session:

3rd Co-Creation Session:


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