Design Thinking Workshops

AEP | 2022-23
ABIMOTA | 2023
AIDA | 2023
AMCC Testbed | 2023
Prio | 2023
Micro.Eletronics Platform | 2023
ENED | 2024


DFA Team
Gabriela Madureira
Gonçalo Fernandes
Cristina Monteiro

Design Thinking Workshops

Conception and dynamization of Design Thinking workshops.

The workshops framework is adapted towards the desired results, always focusing in co-creation methodologies.

Some topics approached: Sustainable Mobility; Product and services MVP; Challenges in the Media sector; Challenges in the Micro-eletronics sector.


Design Factory Aveiro is a strategic unit of the PCI Creative Science Park, and its main vocation is the articulation between research and industry.

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