Our Projects

"Bichos de cá, Bichos de lá" Exhibition

Design, development and production of modular structures for the exhibition. Design of the exhibition's graphic image, graphic design of the posters and production of the exhibition panels.

Coming soon...

Oceanwise EPS Slicer

Equipment to reduce the volume of EPS boxes for implementation in fishing ports and municipal markets.

Coming soon...

Design Sprint LABx

Organization of a Design Sprint to develop and materialize a self-service counter in the public services of Loja do Cidadão.

Coming soon...

Self-Service counter for LABx

Development and production of a set of two self-service counters for application on public services.

Coming soon...

Ocean Plastic Hackathons

We organized four ocean plastic hackathons under the theme: Circular Economy to free the environment of foamed polystyrene, hosted by the Oceanwise INTERREG Atlantic Area Project.

Waterproof series for Efapel

Design of a new waterproof series: development of a family range of sockets and switches for domestic or industrial use, both in surface-mounted and recessed versions.

Coming soon...

Project Typologies

Projects are organized according to four distinct typologies:

I2 Projects

Projects oriented to orders and needs identified by industry;

IX Projects

Experimental research projects, but with potential for small-scale production or industrialisation;

FN Projects

Support to funded projects;

PD Projects

Design projects developed in-house


Strategy, communication, and project consultancy for start-ups and established companies.


Design Factory Aveiro is a strategic unit of the PCI Creative Science Park, and its main vocation is the articulation between research and industry.


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