What we do

DFA is oriented to the development of product design, communication and prototyping.

Design Factory Aveiro seeks to participate in the projects as a partner and articulates its involvement from various stages of the process. The main objective is the participation of Design as a process; integrating the projects from an early stage, participating in identifying product typologies where research can be applied to support the definition of the problem. In a more advanced phase of the project, it can participate in Design as form-giving, materializing projects in an advanced phase of development and construction of the respective prototypes.  


Our Process


Research and benchmarking; Program definition – problem, typology; 


Definition of concept and sketch; Volumetric modeling/mock-up; Product and detail design; Modelling; 

According to the Design Ladder of the Danish Design Center, DFA seeks to support projects in their various stages of development – from the beginning, contributing to the analysis of the problem, the definition of the programme and typology of products; or giving shape and materializing the ideas received already in an advanced stage of development. 


Non-functional prototype production; Functional prototype production; 


Creation of Visual Identity; Strategy Design and base materials for communication. 


Design Factory Aveiro is a strategic unit of the PCI Creative Science Park, and its main vocation is the articulation between research and industry.


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