Who we are

The main vocation of DFA is the support of industry, and the support of research - particularly one with potential for industry.

DFA is oriented to the development of design project, product design, and communication; Materialization in functional or non-functional prototypes. Because of its proximity to the University of Aveiro, it is oriented to the follow-up of research units, researchers, and students. For its relationship with the region and the country, it is oriented to the development of advanced projects for the industry and local and national institutions. 

 DFA goes further than what is offered by a design studio, as it provides researchers and industry with solutions that imply deep research, greater technological complexity, or more complex articulation between several disciplinary areas. 

DFA guarantees design and development through a specialized team

Part of the work is developed in coordination with experts from the research units of the University of Aveiro, mainly with ID+ Institute of Research in Design, Media and Culture, for the development of Design projects; But also, with units from other research areas that allow the development of interdisciplinary projects.

Meet our team

Afonso Borges

scientific coordinator

Alexandre Kumagai

operational vice-coordinator

Ana Afonso

partnerships management

César Rodrigues


Cristina Monteiro

Communication design

Luís Ferreira

Communication coordination



António Martins

MEDP 2022/23

Master Thesis to be presented.

Gabriela Madureira

MEDP 2022/23​

Product design for a sustainable human-food future

Gonçalo Fernandes

MEDP 2022/23​

Master Thesis to be presented.

Joaquim Januário

MEDP 2022/23​
Design and Language: Reflection on the relationship between consumption, technologies and implications in the product design process

Rodrigo Duarte

MEDP 2022/23​

Master Thesis to be presented.

Clara Serrano

MEDP 2021/22

Design de dispositivo autoinjetor de adrenalina


Eva Oliveira

MEDP 2021/22

Produtos flexíveis para novos modelos de trabalho


Miguel Mingote

MEDP 2021/22

Master Thesis to be presented.

Pedro Abreu

MEDP 2021/22

Pouso – Design de um conjunto de utensílios de cozinha


Vera Cunha

MEDP 2021/22

Baco: Design de um aparador expositor de vinho para a sala doméstica

Alexandra Oliveira

MEDP 2020/21

Design of products in burel for Ecolã company: creation of furniture and accessories for cats

Bárbara Cruz

MEDP 2020/21

Bottle design for spirituous beverages: traineeship in Think Bold Studio

Lara Fhala

MEDP 2020/21

Smart Plastic Lab: strategy for the implementation of a workplace for the production of objects made of recycled plastics

Liliana Teixeira

MEDP 2020/21

Design de Mobiliário Inteligente para Ageing in Place


Helder Antunes

MEDP 2020/21

Exterior design of an autonomous robot for large floor cleaning: i-RoCs

Rosa Mendes

MEDP 2020/21

Intelligent furniture design for creating sleep habits in college students

Former Collaborators

Álvaro Sousa > Communication Coordinator
Cátia Pereira > Collaboration & Activities Coordinator
Miguel Duarte > Product Design and Photography
Raul Pinto > Project & Team coordinator
Teresa Franqueira > Coordinator


Design Factory Aveiro is a strategic unit of the PCI Creative Science Park, and its main vocation is the articulation between research and industry.


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